1. Get buck mutha fuckas!!! (intro) Young Buck 0:22
  2. Get buck (dj semi mix) Young Buck 3:08
  3. Fuck the police (interlude) Young Buck 0:07
  4. Dead or alive (prod. by dj paul) Young Buck 4:39
  5. No no no feat. 50 cent (dj semi mix) Young Buck 2:23
  6. Hold on feat. 50 cent (original version) Young Buck 4:06
  7. Feds takin pictures ft. dj drama, young jeezy, willie the kid, jim jones, rick ross, & t.i Young Buck 4:13
  8. Holla at the clean-up man (interlude) Young Buck 0:22
  9. The clean-up man Young Buck 3:21
  10. Yay & buck feat. tony yayo Young Buck 2:00
  11. Biggie tribute freestyle (live on remix radio) Young Buck 2:06
  12. Kill you feat. lloyd banks (prod. by dj semi & beatdown) Young Buck 2:51
  13. Blow some weed Young Buck 3:19
  14. Smoke break live in jamaica (interlude) Young Buck 0:23
  15. Come around (remix) feat. tony yayo & collie budz Young Buck 3:19
  16. Real life, real beef (interlude) Young Buck 0:20
  17. Day dreamin' Young Buck 1:39
  18. Live at all-star weekend (vegas) feat. mims, swizz beatz & lloyd Young Buck 3:46
  19. Ain't fuckin' wit you feat. snoop & trick daddy Young Buck 3:40
  20. Break 'em off feat. ludacris (dj semi mix) Young Buck 2:36
  21. Back stabbers Young Buck 3:03
  22. We got that feat. b.g Young Buck 3:23
  23. Die tonight (dj semi mix) Young Buck 1:04
  24. Say it to my face feat. bun b Young Buck 2:35
  25. Remix radio freestyle feat. 50 cent Young Buck 2:01
  26. Deep cover shit feat. lloyd banks & tony yayo (dj semi mix) Young Buck 1:22
  27. Ride or die feat. chauncey black Young Buck 2:45
  28. Stranger on the street Young Buck 2:18
  29. Slow ya roll feat. linkin park Young Buck 3:52

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The Story

Buck was getting ready to drop his first solo project, Get Buck. Myself and DJ Woogie got the call to put together a clever mixtape to hype the project up. Shout to Buck Marley and the whole Cashville!

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DJ Semi Presents Young Buck – Get Buck: The Official Mixtape [Mixtape]

Release Date : April 7, 2007
Artist : Mixtapes
Genres : Hip-Hop/Rap, Remixes
Catalog ref. : Promo Use Only
Format : CD