1. Magic [Explicit] DJ Semi ft. Dave East & Styles P 3:05
  2. Magic [Radio Edit] DJ Semi ft. Dave East & Styles P 3:05
  3. Magic [Instrumental] DJ Semi ft. Dave East & Styles P 3:05

DJ Semi teams up with the good folks at Diggers Factory to release this limited edition “Magic” Fire Marble 7″ vinyl single. Only 300 copies pressed.

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The Story

Two of the hardest emcees out of the Big Apple link up with CT’s own DJ Semi to create some authentic rap MAGIC. Styles P of the L.O.X. and Harlem’s own Dave East both destroy this eerie, hard hitting Semi production. It’s all tied together with Semi’s signature turntablism and punchy drums. This is lyrical magic in it’s truest form. Releasing on all platforms February 16th, 2024.

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Verse 1 - Styles P

Gettin’ to the guap, smokin’ on the Raw though

Not runnin’ from the Lord nor, runnin’ from the law but you

Cross me, you gon’ get fucked like a porno

Hammer with the switch, that is not my steez

Out the game, but connected with niggas from Medellin

If you dream of killing me, when you wake you better scream

I’m sorry, Ghost, I take shrooms like I’m Mario, Luigi

Not in the Kart, I’m in the ‘Rari though

Maybe the Lamb or the Porsche with the sicario

With some black gorilla niggas

But even all alone I’m still, with a killer nigga

But I ain’t tryna kill, I just want the bills and the check

I’m just tryna stretch, you just wanna flex

Partin’ out the per diem, one third of the L-O

And you know I keep it mellow, but the spot marks X

I ain’t dead, but I’m doin’ well just for context, Ghost

Verse 2 - Dave East

This feel like that 50 Cent, 99’ “How to Rob” shit

Mama on me, tellin’ me “nigga, go get a job” shit

Nine to fives wasn’t hiring, that made us rob shit

Crown Fried for dinner, you know, wing and a thigh shit

Mama bought us clothes, our reaction “this not no fly shit”

With 5 dollars, that’s a nick bag, or burger and fry shit

Sittin’ in class noddin’ off, I was on some high shit

I lost a lot of homies, but they never leave my conscience

Them shots started clappin’, like acne how they broke out

Hard to see us, took no less than 5 percent when we roll out

If I got it, I split it with family, I don’t hold out

Police investigatin’ ‘bout action that I don’t know ‘bout

Couple bodies done got straightened like a blow out

I ain’t never been there, they just told me that shit sold out

Her nose sniffin’, she start actin’ different when the coke ‘round

Used to front back when they had it, fast forward, niggas broke now

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DJ Semi ft. Dave East & Styles P – Magic

Release Date : February 16, 2024
Artists : Production Credits, Singles
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Catalog ref. : 198079771522
Format : Digital Download