1. Superhuman Chris Webby 3:00

The Story

Released on the 2014 mixtape, The Checkup. I remember making a dope ass 90’s rock playlist that I would jam out to on tour. “Kryptonite” was a guilty pleasure on that playlist. I had a fun time putting my hip-hop touch on it. Then when Webby played me what he wrote over it, I was mind blown. He uses rap as his Super power, for real. I make a quick cameo at the end of the music video, as well. Definitely one of my favorite collabs with Chris.

The Video


Open Lyrics

[Intro: Chris Webby]
I always wanted to be a superhero man
Have my own super power and shit
Well now I do

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
I grew up an only child, young Webby in the playpen
Just me and my giant imagination
Playing with my ninja turtles and my spacemen
And reading books instead of going out to make friends
Other kids liked girls and they played sports
I was in my own world on a strange course
Everywhere, I had a pen in my hand
It’s like being a rapper was already the plan
But nahh, I was writing short stories and drawing pictures
My creative energy was off the Richter
Looking up to superheroes in my comics
The love and respect that they got’s what I wanted
But how could I do it, my skills seem useless
Up until I got introduced to rap music
I fell in love that day, and I knew
That just maybe I could have a super power too

[Hook: Chris Webby]
I’m going crazy, that’s what they said but I kept it moving
Cause this dream’s all I got even if they all said I could never do it
But I never slowed down
I just kept my head straight ’til I made a movement
And now… I’m feeling super human

[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
Years went by and I kept on practicing
Even when it seemed the shit was never happening
Freestyle cyphers on a blunt ride after them
High school parties, writing songs, rap battling
Had me thinking that my super powers were building
Starting feeling I could really change the world with what I’d written
Still continued to write, made a conscious decision
To keep it real on the mic and give em my life
Through the good bad and ugly, my fans still rock with me
Fuck a gimmick, my gimmick is brutal honesty
And they respect that, so I show respect back
Since that first time at school that I took off my pen cap
Wrote my first bars, scribbled lyrics at my desk
In a five subject notebook and I filled every section
Page after page as my skills kept channeling
Young Anakin, now the force can’t handle him


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
My super powers have evolved better look out
Shit I’m Gambit with a full house
Magneto in a metal room
Imhotep when he left the tomb
Superman in the air now
I’m Scott Summers in a stare down
No one’s stepping to the shit I’m doing
I’m here and I’m super human

[Scratches by DJ Semi]
“I-I-I got an S on my chest”

YT Music

Chris Webby – Superhuman (Prod. by DJ Semi)

Release Date : July 17, 2014
Artist : Production Credits
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Format : Digital Download