1. Rap Nemesis (prod. by DJ Semi) Chris Webby 2:51

The Story

This record has a fun story. I used to ask my little brother to blindfold himself and pick records out of my record shelves at random. One time he grabbed this crazy Mambo record and I caught this loop. I put the cameras on when I started making the beat and had my brother film it all, which is documented in the “Making the Beat” episode we did where Webby comes through after I cook the beat up, and the rest is history. We had some issues with getting the sample cleared and tried to have trumpet players re-play it, but it didn’t feel the same. Eventually the label was able to clear it with the estate of the artist I sampled, and this song became a fan favorite.

Watch the Making the Beat Episode


Open Lyrics

It’s that evil rap nemesis, putting together sentences
Let it be said a bit with the excellent rhetoric
It’s that evil rap nemesis, putting together sentences
Verbally a double barrel shotty, leave you blown apart
It’s that evil rap nemesis, putting together sentences
Started off small, now I do it for the masses
It’s that evil rap, evil rap, rap rap nemesis, putting together sentence…

[Verse 1]
It’s that evil rap nemesis second coming of Hendrix
Breaking laws, flipping off Officer Friendly, bitch
I’m a Jedi in the booth, with the power of phantom menaces
Light saber swinging, chopping off your appendages
Generously applying the dopest of rhyming
Open your eyes and see the headlights running over you driving
Over and over and over it on the road that I’m riding
You better open your mind or I’ll do it for you (alright)
I’m just a mother fucking psychotic, neurotic, embodiment
Of everything your parents told you not to be probably
Taking shots out the bottle and now Alcoholics Anonymous
Smoking White Rhinoceros with Zach Galifinakis
Dropping hits of acid while rapping that’s multi-tasking a lot of shit
Practicing karate kicks on people back in the audience
Popping Klonopin, obviously, shots’ll be honestly
You, pull me out the party, I’m the shit ain’t no stopping me dude


[Verse 2]
The Governor up out The Walking Dead I’m at your head with an axe
And you mother fuckers better get the cameras ready for action
So listen up, Webby is rapping and Semi is scratching
Shit is bound to cause a deadly reaction
Step to Webby motherfucker you gonna see how unfair feels, repping Fairfield to Norwalk
So damn, real, and you know I stay with the trees like Bear Grylls
Jimmy Hoffa the fucking beat and leave them in landfills
I just stand still, back in the building, spit this shit so cold
You can feel it in your cavity filling
I’m just trying to get some money till it stack to the ceiling
With all these motherfucking tracks that I’m killing
Well you know I got my Super Mario star, I’m untouchable
Fucking Clair Huxtable making her put an oven full of brownies with the hash oil
Then we cook them up until I toss them in my tummy and my brain is dysfunctional


Now-now-now-now-now I-now I-now I do it for the masses
Now I do-do-do it for the masses
Now-now-now-now-now I-now I-now I do it for the masses
Now I do-do-do it…

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Chris Webby – Rap Nemesis (prod. by DJ Semi)

Release Date : November 12, 2013
Artist : Production Credits
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Format : Digital Download