1. All By Myself (prod. by DJ Semi) Chris Webby 3:45

The Story

This was a beat I had sitting around for a while. Honestly, it wasn’t something I thought Webb would pick to rhyme on. I guess it caught him right before valentine’s day, because this was an impulse drop on Valentine’s Day in 2015. I really liked the vibe of this beat and he caught it in a fresh, melodic way. A sleeper in our catalogs.

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Open Lyrics

Listen boys and girls to the song I say
And the story I’m about to tell
It’s about a guy who had lost his way
And in the end wound up by himself
Cause I met a lot of girls in my travels
Had my share of the one-night stands
But I’m still alone at the end of the day
Riding solo through the badlands
All by myself

[Verse 1]
Still looking for my Juliet
But no one’s introduced me yet
And love ain’t nothing like they show you on the movie sets
Me, I’m just a loner that’s just always how it’s been
But no one-night stand can replace having a friend
And fucking all these bitches ain’t gon fill the emptiness
Now I’m depressed waking up from my dreams in a heavy sweat
Does my Juliet exist, shit have we already met?
Kept my heart locked away and now my fucking head’s a mess
And it’s my fault because any woman who’s ever loved me
They moved on cause they wanted more than a fuck buddy
And now it’s busy rapping trying to make myself some money
Great, now that I got it ain’t nobody here but me
So when I meet a lady now it just ain’t the same
She already knows my name
And it change the rules of the game
Half these girls up at the open bar are only trying to bone a star
So for the rest of my life I won’t know what their motives are


[Verse 2]
It’s not that I dislike women, that’s not what I’m trying to say
But when emotion gets involved I just tend to push them away
My mood is always flippin’ you would think I’m bipolar
Half the time I’m just too high to remember what I told her
Chemically imbalanced cause I lived my life reckless
And taking all those drugs throughout my fucking adolescence
It was my choice, so when I’m acting crazy I don’t blame you
I’m the reason for all the shit that I’ve put my brain through
If I seem distant in the bed after I hit it
It’s because I don’t know how to love and nobody can fix it
So this is my apology to every girl who’s loved me
I’m sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted ladies trust me
Am I afraid of happiness? Why don’t I even try?
I’m so passive with these women that they passing me by
All that sloppy drunk and rough sex and I could give a fuck less
Cause I still ain’t found love yet


[Verse 3]
Thinking bout my love life as I look back
But I’m still a fucking one-man wolf pack
So many things that I’ve done I wish that I took back
So many moves I didn’t make I probably should have
But that’s life and now I really now how shit is
All those years being a player fucking these bitches
But after all the parties and the shows and the models
I’m still alone and nothing but stories in a bottle


YT Music

Chris Webby – All By Myself (Prod. by DJ Semi)

Release Date : February 14, 2015
Artist : Production Credits
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Format : Digital Download